Serial Library for the Mega

I have been reading the manual and am getting more confused as I go. Are the examples supposed to compile and run? (they don’t, at least not in my experience) … It seems they are more concept examples rather than compile and run…

My project is calling for actions on Serial2. and actions on Analog 0 (joystick for LCD menu). Is there a Library or examples somewhere showing how to use FreeRTOS with serial events? Will I eventually get there in the manual? I am on page 140 or so…

Is there somewhere I can go to pay someone some money to write it for me? lol
This is almost over my head.

FreeRTOS provides a kernel that is ported to many different processor architectures - there are also libraries that provide other primary functionality such as TCP/IP stack. FreeRTOS doesn’t, on the whole, provide driver libraries, but instead interfaces to the driver libraries provided by the vendors themselves. Even the legacy IO products just had an API that sat on top of drivers provided by the chip vendor. Many of the older examples provide a basic UART example (that used the vendors libraries or a vary basic direct register access example) - but the interface was written as part of the kernel tests so intended to load the system rather than provide an example of an efficient implementation.

Thank you. I got it sorted.