Interface to a ps/2 keyboard and LCD

sorry everyone, I thought this was a site for info on freeRTOS and the api

If you are looking a FreeRTOS port for Arduino UNO (which is ATMega328P), there is no official port but you should be able to get one by googling.

Espressif’s repo contains a lot a of examples - esp-idf/examples at master · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub

This, however, is Espressif specific question and you’d be better asking on their forum/repo.


so examples of how to code up freertos are only found on the espressif website? I dont care about the chip hardware, only rtos software, but then let me delete the original question as being off topic, if it hasnt been deleted

Apologies I did not explain well. If you want to know how to use FreeRTOS APIs, this is the right forum to ask. On the other hand, if you want to ask hardware specific questions (like related to UART), hardware vendor forums are usually the better place and the people there have more knowledge about the hardware. Did I misunderstand your question?