SAFERTOS kerner functions

paddu1 wrote on Tuesday, October 23, 2012:


This is a question about the SAFERTOS kerner functions.

One of customer is trying to evaluate inbuilt SAFERTOS in the TI LM3S9B96’s ROM.
Regarding the “SafeRTOS kernel functions”, the user guide has the details of only 21
functions and these is no details of the remaining 8(below) functions.

vSafeRTOSSVCHandler ( )
vPortSysTickHandler ( )
vSafeRTOSPendSVHandler ( )
ulPortSetInterruptMaskFromISR ( )
vPortClearInterruptMaskFromISR ( )
xQueueIsQueueEmptyFromISR ( )
xQueueIsQueueFullFromISR ( )
xQueueMessagesWaitingFromISR ( )

Could you please let me know where can we find details of these functions.


rtel wrote on Tuesday, October 23, 2012:

SafeRTOS is provided under license by WITTENSTEIN, who have a sales team that can answer your question.  This forum is intended for FreeRTOS questions.

That said, I will try and answer your question.

The SafeRTOS user manual contains the public API.  That is, the functions that are intended for use by the end user.  There are of course other function that are needed by the kernel itself, but if they are not in the user manual and your project requires certification, then they should not be used because the safety manual will not document how they should be used.

In your list, the functions that end “Handler” are interrupt handler functions.  These need to be exposed to the user so the vector table can be populated.  Where did you get the list of the functions from?