Porting LWIP to FreeRTOS


I have done the porting for FreeRTOS+TCP, as there is a particular library available for that. Now I want a FreeRTOS project that supports LWIP. So is there any particular library for that?

Thanks & Regards.

There are lots of different ports for lwIP for FreeRTOS - which MCU are you using?

I want to port FreeRTOS+LWIP in RISC-V.

Hmm, I’m not sure which MAC you are using so here are just some integrations for other parts you can use as a reference:

This project shows how NXP integrates lwIP with FreeRTOS GitHub - FreeRTOS/iot-reference-nxp-rt1060: Reference IoT project which integrates NXP IMXRT 1060 platform with FreeRTOS LTS libraries

Likewise ST: GitHub - FreeRTOS/iot-reference-stm32u5

…and Espressif (this is a RISC-V): GitHub - FreeRTOS/iot-reference-esp32c3

Thank you so much, i will look into it.