LwIP using FreeRTOS

I am working with LwIP TCP stack. Using LwIP stack both tcp_echo _server example and tcp_echo_client example has been successfully executed. Currently I am experimenting LwIP using FreeRTOS. I have made the tcp_echo_server code using netconn APIs. But I am getting error while executing. Can someone guide me with the exact procedure to run LwIP using freeRTOS??

Espressif uses LWIP with FreeRTOS - esp-idf/components/lwip at master · espressif/esp-idf · GitHub

You should be able to use that as a reference.

We have been using Lwip with FreeRTOS for many years; however we use only the Raw API, partly for historical reasons but also for performance. We create a separate task to handle incoming Ethernet packets.

The code is at RepRapFirmware/src/Networking/LwipEthernet at 3.5-dev · Duet3D/RepRapFirmware · GitHub.

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What platform are you using?

I am not sure if you were aware of it, but FreeRTOS also has its own TCP/IP stack, which is well integrated with the FreeRTOS kernel. You will find a lot of documentation and examples on the FreeRTOS website (e.g. here).

Just google for “FreeRTOS TCP”.

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Just wanted to add a few more things. As Hein has already shared that FreeRTOS has its own free TCP stack.
FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP is a scalable, open source and thread safe TCP/IP stack for FreeRTOS maintained by Amazon Web Services.
The stack is misra compliant, unit tested, CBMC proofed and Protocol Tested for IPv4 using the Maxwell Pro Tester.
It has 2 main branches:

    supports IPv4
    has a LTS(Long Term Support) release
    supports both IPv4 and IPv6
    This is a work in progress branch with Release Candidate (RC1) being available.

You can try out this library and we will be happy to help you in case you face any issue.