FreeRTOS with LwIP on Renesas RX62N family

savindra wrote on Friday, March 18, 2016:


I am working with renesas RX62N family.I have decided to go with FreeRTOS.
I am able to run FreeRTOS on RX62N family with High Performance Embedded workshop IDE .
Now i want to have TCP/IP stack so i have thought of using LwIP . But i do not know how should i integrate LwIP with FreeRTOS.

Did anybody try it?

Please find version details:

HEW IDE version -
FreeRTOS version - 9.0.0
LwIP version - 1.4.0

rtel wrote on Friday, March 18, 2016:

There is a reference FreeRTOS/lwIP integration that uses the FreeRTOS Windows port in the FreeRTOS Interactive site, although it is old now. We are currently putting effort into FreeRTOS+TCP, which is our own stack, and has some porting documentation online.