Port of FreeRTOS-plus-TCP to RPI Pico W

Hi All,

Does anybody know of a port of the FreeRTOS-plus-TCP IP stack to the Pico W? If not, are there any significant barriers to doing so?


I don’t believe the driver is integrated into the FeeRTOS-plus-TCP repo yet. However, it is integrated in the repo linked from this article: BLE with WiFi and FreeRTOS on Raspberry Pi Pico-W | MCU on Eclipse , and an alternative with the lwIP stack here: GitHub - jondurrant/RPIPicoWSNTP: SNTP Example with FreeRTOS and LWIP SNTP App

Thanks for you response. As far as I can tell, both those repos are using lwip. I was hoping to use FreeRTOS-plus-TCP.

Let me try to track down the appropriate internal expert and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I have submitted a Feature Request to the FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP repo asking for CYP43 driver integration along with support for the Pico W boards integration of the CYP43.

ref: Issues · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Plus-TCP · GitHub

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Hi Doug,

Thanks for the post.
We have taken in the request, however this is not a priority at this point of time.
But, we will be more than happy to guide you in case you are willing to submit a change for the same.
You can refer to the LWIP-port and a recent RT1170 driver thread