LwIP on PIC32?

crosland wrote on Wednesday, November 30, 2011:

Anyone done it?

I could stick with the Mchip stack but I think LwIP may be better suited to an RTOS environment, FreeROS specifically :slight_smile:

How much pain will I cause myself if I try to port one of the FreeROS LwIP demos to PIC32?

I also need mDNS-SD or zeroconf.

Andrew Crosland

edwards3 wrote on Thursday, December 01, 2011:

You should be able to find PIC32 lwIP code around on the PIC32 web sites, and FreeRTOS has some port layers for lwIP 1.4 inΒ  FreeRTOS\WorkingCopy\Demo\Common\ethernet\lwip-1.4.0\ports so you need to stitch the two together. Look at some of the other FreeRTOS demos too including http://interactive.freertos.org/entries/20290712-freertos-win32-project-with-lwip-web-server