TCP/IP -Stack for PIC18F with freeRTOS

nobody wrote on Monday, November 14, 2005:

my “investigations” let me know that NextGen does not support PIC18F. Has anybody an idea which TCP/IP-Stack can be used with freeRTOS ?
Thank you in advanced
Leo Bissinger
Univ. Of Applied Sciences
P.S. How can anyone become a member tor this forum ? I found no way a freeRTOS pages, but maybe I’m a little blind.

nobody wrote on Monday, November 14, 2005:

FreeRTOS has two TCP/IP demo’s - one uses lwIP and the other uIP.

Depending on how much RAM your PIC has, uIP would probably work.  Also take a look at "TCP/IP Lean" which is already targeted at the PIC.

Running RTOS and TCP/IP could be a problem on a PIC unless you have more than a few K’s worth or RAM.