freeRTOS for demo board M52233DEMO

nobody wrote on Sunday, October 15, 2006:

Does anyone have a version of the freeRTOS implemented on the demo board M52233DEMO from freescale (Coldfire MCF5235)?

westmorelandeng wrote on Saturday, October 21, 2006:


If you can send me the board + tools I’ll do at at NC (no charge).  I just took a quick look at the FreeScale site and the tools cost (2.5K) is beyond my ‘freebie’ budget.

Contact me if interested:

John W.
Note - I’ve done MSP430 ports plus have worked on the uBlaze stuff so I’m not a ‘newbie’.

jwestmoreland wrote on Saturday, October 21, 2006:

OK - should have looked at this first - GCC tools are available for this…

Maybe I can get to this soon,