Port for the MCF5272 board

yuhyuh wrote on Thursday, July 15, 2010:


I’m trying to get FreeRTOS running on a MCF5272C3 board, and I have been trying to configure the 5282 port to work, but (as Im kinda new to this) I havent gotten it to work. Ive managed to control the LEDs as suggested in the “Modifying a demo” section, but when executing vStartLEDFlashTasks() the program halts in portTASK_FUNCTION().

I suspect the problem is in the interrupt controller which is supposed to be very different from the 5272 vs 5282, and the execution halts on a call to MCF_INTC0_INTFRCL (from portYIELD()).

I know there has been a 5272 port available but I would guess it has been replaced by the 5282… so, does anyone have it or know where I can get a hold of it? Even if its outdated and probably not supported by v6.0.5, it could be useful to see how the interupt controller is implemented