PIC24H family port

macsac wrote on Friday, August 29, 2008:

Will the PIC24/dsPIC port work with PIC24H microcontroller ?
The demo is for PIC24F - it’s a different family. Has somebody run freeRTOS on PIC24H family ?

I’ve changed the freeRTOSconfig.h (changed the microcontroller header) and attached the PIC24HJ256GP206 linker script (from MPLAB distro) and everything is compiling.

As I see there are some differences in linker scripts from freeRTOS projects and those from MPLAB distro.
May I use standard linker script from mplab?

Do I need to modify port.c or portmacro.h or something else ?


davedoors wrote on Friday, August 29, 2008:

Changing the linker script is normal to move from one device to another in the same family, just as moving any program from one device to another.

If the core is the same between the H and F parts then the port should work. ie the register set and instruction set. You may need to change to a different timer unless the H and F parts have the same timer peripheral.

tmech wrote on Monday, September 08, 2008:

I have the same question as I would like to use the PIC24H. macsac, any success? What did you have to do if so?