Microchip linker file different to original

mikehibbett wrote on Saturday, September 12, 2009:

Hi all,

I am constructing a project using the Microchip PIC24 processor. I will start with the FreeRTOS demo application for the PIC24, but as I am using the PIC24HJ128GP202 I will obviously have to change various settings.

When looking at the linker file p24FJ128GA010.gld included in the demo source code I noticed that it is different to the version supplied with the Microchip C30 compiler ( v3_20). It contains extra symbols, and has some layout differences.

Can anyone advise how I should modify the linker file for the processor I intend to use? I haven’t found any rules anywhere.



rtel wrote on Sunday, September 13, 2009:

I don’t recall making any edits to the linker script, so assume the differences you see are just down to the compiler version going through several revisions since the original port was done.

I would suggest just finding the correct linker script for the device you are using within the compiler directory structure, then copying that in to the project directory.  You will then have to go into the linker options to point the linker at the correct linker script.

I normally copy the linker script to the local project directory rather than just reference it within the compiler directory to make the project more portable and hopefully protect it somewhat from problems caused by the compiler version changing.


mikehibbett wrote on Sunday, September 13, 2009:

Thanks Richard, I was hoping that might be the case.