Patch Error to use System view for Freertos Debugging


I want to use system view for free rtos debugging. I am using STMCube IDE and added free rtos patch file found from the web link. This patch is done by Mr.Daimonion (freertos community member)

I have got the following error when I applied patch for Free rtos Folder. Please let me know.

I have attached the the code and error screen shot.

PatchFile.c (10.5 KB)

Please let me know how to use it. I am using the following RTOS configuration
Interface: CMSIS_V1
7.5.1. Config parameters:
FreeRTOS version 10.0.1
CMSIS-RTOS version 1.02

And here is the path for the project


What does this line indicate and where I have to change in my code? There are different files with following paths

diff --git a/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/include/FreeRTOS.h b/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/include/FreeRTOS.h

diff --git a/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/include/task.h b/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/include/task.h
index 8c8653a…4c22958 100644
— a/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/include/task.h
+++ b/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/include/task.h

diff --git a/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM7/r0p1/port.c b/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM7/r0p1/port.c
index b3bfe0a…e6dcae2 100644
— a/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM7/r0p1/port.c
+++ b/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM7/r0p1/port.c

diff --git a/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM7/r0p1/portmacro.h b/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM7/r0p1/portmacro.h
index 27b9d35…4777a26 100644
— a/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM7/r0p1/portmacro.h
+++ b/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/portable/GCC/ARM_CM7/r0p1/portmacro.h

diff --git a/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/tasks.c b/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/tasks.c
index ff65773…b41aef9 100644
— a/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/tasks.c
+++ b/RTOS/FreeRTOS/Source/tasks.c

and some more…

Please let me know.


I’m not familiar with this patch (it is not ours) and am confused by which FreeRTOS kernel version this means you are using?

7.5 or 10.0.1? So without wishing to just state the obvious, is the patch you are using intended for the version of the kernel you are using? If not, is there a patch for the version of the kernel you are using?

Thanks for the reply. I am using 10.0.1

So you try to apply a patch for FreeRTOS 10.2.0 to FreeRTOS 10.0.1 and wonder why you ran into trouble ? Really ?

Hi Kumar, I am having exactly same issue. Can you guide me how you solved that issue?

I am a beginner in using RTOS, I am using STM32F103C8 to practice freeRTOS, but when I am trying for SEGGER system view, I am also getting the same PATCH error, I unable to remove this error.
Any one please help me?
or suggest me some video or link, from which I can able to use freeRTOS on STM32f103C8 blue pill board and SEGGER system view.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Reading up through the thread it looks like you have to match the SystemView version to the FreeRTOS version - did you do that? Otherwise, probably best to ask Segger.

Thanks for the reply, first I will try matching both version of the system view and freeRTOS version,