Segger systemview patch file error

Hello, i am using freertos version 10.5.1, i wanted to use segger systemview and i downloaded the latest version of it v3.50a but the patch file of it showing “the patch you are applying has segments that did not match, Are you sure want to apply it?”
if i select ok then it is showing “unexpected exception by apply the patch”
i am attaching screenshots of this errors. please share your views.

i am using STM32F3 discovery board.

Unless there are other SystemView users here I would recommend asking on the Segger support forums, or otherwise use a patch for the FreeRTOS version you are using. It would be nice if no patches were needed.

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I will ask my SystemView colleagues if there is already a FreeRTOS patch for 10.5.1 available. But you could also use embOS instead which does not require any patches and SystemView works out of the box, e.g.:embOS for Cortex-M

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I just learned from my SystemView colleagues that this is already on their ToDo list and will be available soon.

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thank you mate for your helpful reply… :slightly_smiling_face: