OpenOCD Problem

minimorph_com wrote on Saturday, December 08, 2007:

There is a problem with the OpenOCD in the latest FreeRTOS version.

The OpenOCD exe’s provided in zip is built for Cygwin.

It does not state in the instructions anywhere that you have to install Cygwin !!

I would not recommend that anybody installs Cygwin unless you have something else that needs it.

I got round this in a pretty simple way. I installed the Official Windows OpenOCD from

This version is build for native win32.

I then deleted the provided openocd.exe and put the Yagarto ones in the same directory. I then renamed the exe’s so they were the same as those in the FreeRTOS zip file.

Now it works :smiley:

I trust this will be fixed in the next version.


FordP from

sotd wrote on Saturday, December 08, 2007:

Last time I looked the yagarto builds were some months out of date.

What is on  I looked but the page would not load properly.

minimorph_com wrote on Saturday, December 08, 2007:

Strange you saying that the yagarto builds are out of date, as I have always found them to be pretty cutting edge.

The current build from there seems to work very well. I have wasted many long hours with Cygwin so I try and avoid it now. Cygwin is a great project but native applications are easier if you can get them.

You can track the progress of the FreeRTOS project I am working on in my forum, which in this case I am using like a blog.

The project is a Retro Computing/ FPGA Boot Loader.

I will be releasing the project as Open Source software under the GPL when I have it working.