MPLAB X FreeRTOS Viewer for FreeRTOS V 9.0?

belaz49 wrote on Saturday, December 17, 2016:

It looks like FreeRTOS viewer plugin in Microchip MPLABX does not work with FreeRTOS V9 that they incorporated in latest Harmony framework. Are there any plans for new version of viewer that supports V9?

rtel wrote on Saturday, December 17, 2016:

Hi - I will query Microchip on this.

Hi, I am using kernel version 10.0.1 in MPLAB X IDE. I enabled Freertos viewer plugin. But i am not able to view the tasks as plugin supports till v9.0. So when can i expect plugin for v 10.0.1?

This is something provided by Microchip, not us.