IAR Plugin

I use FreeRTOS Ver 10.2.1 and IAR Ver 8.50.9
My MCU Family is STM32F746.

There is a graphical plugin for uC/OS 3 in IAR application. It shows tasks’ status in graphical progress bars. Like Below:

there is also some plugins for FreeRTOS , but they are not graphical and user friendly like uC/OS 3.
it is like this:

Is there any plugin like uC/OS 3 for FreeRTOS in IAR.

Thanks in advance.

(PS, I know Tracealyzer for FreeRTOS)

There are two plug-ins for IAR. The first is a ‘state viewer’ plug-in provided by WITTENSTEIN high integrity systems. That gives you a snapshot of the task states, stack usage, etc… Second there is a fully thread aware plug-in that gives you the call stack, variables, etc. of each task. I don’t think either show a bar graph. Looking at the uCOS plug-in, it appears as if the bar graph is showing the same data and the numerical data in the previous column. Is that the case? If so, does it add anything?