Does MPLAB file "AVR_Dx_MPLAB.X" exisit on github?

I’m very new to FreeRTOS and github, so I’m coming at this as a newbee.

I’d like to try FreeRTOS on some AVR128DBxx development boards I’ve made and use MPLAB X IDE to do so. I’ve done this on a Microchip Cortex MO board I made, but Microchip has made it maybe too easy to get FreeRTOS up and running on that by using their Harmony 3 configurator.

I’ve been going through the info on [the forum won’t let me include a link so I’ll just show the end of the link and hope that’s acceptable] "microchip-avr-dx-demo.html#FullDemo and in it there is reference to a file “AVR_Dx_MPLAB.X”, which sounds like it would be a prepackaged MPLAB X IDE project file that I assume includes the FreeRTOS kernal, the AVR-Dx specific portable files and the demo files themselves.

My problem is that I can’t find “AVR_Dx_MPLAB.X” on github. Am I reading the instructions on the [the forum won’t let me include a link so I’ll just show the end of the link and hope that’s acceptable] "microchip-avr-dx-demo.html#FullDemo page incorrectly? Does such a file exist on github? If so, where is it located?

I’ve tried adding the Free RTOS Kernal to a new MPLAB X IDE project for the AVR-DB by using MPLAB’s “Add Existing Item” and then selecting the files for the FreeRTOS kernal, but I just get all the selected files (.h and .c) without any organization or hierarchy.

I’d appreciate any guidance that might be offered.

The project is here: so you need to clone this repo: (or download the zip file from the Download button on the site). Take care to following the cloning instructions on to ensure you bring in the git submodules too.

I think my problem is that on that github page I don’t see a “CODE” button.

Yet, when I go to the github page for the AVR-Dx Arduino core (totally unrelated to FreeRTOS) I do see a CODE button.

I’ve pasted some screen captures below. Is there some configuration issue on my end that is not allowing the CODE button to appear on the Demo-AVR-Dx-MPLAB.X github page?

[The forum won’t let me post a second image, this image does show a CODE button]

Thanks, Paul

You need to go to the root of the repo and clone the whole thing - following the instruction in the readme on that page:

Ok, I think I understand. So I need to have Git running on my PC in order to get the submodules, which don’t come with a zip download. Always in the past I’ve just downloaded a zip file, but I guess that won’t work in this case because I see reference in the MPLAB project folder to a lot of files that aren’t there (marked by a ! in a triangle).

Thanks for your help. I’m going to table my effort on this for a bit, learn more about github, and hope to come back to it next week.

Thank you,


As per my previous post - you can download a zip file from the download link on the site.

Ok, thanks, now I got it. I did the download from the FreeRTOS-org webpage and got the whole ball of wax (FreeRTOSv202112.00). I found the AVR-Dx-demo.X file, loaded that into MPLAB X IDE and resolved the missing file problems. Now the issue is that when I ask MPLAB to build the project, it seems to require (or the project was configured to use) the PRO version of microchip’s XC8 compiler and not the free version of XC8. I’ve been able to resolve the issues with compiler optimization, so I no longer get those errors, but now I’m getting linker errors (Link-time optimization requires XC8 PRO) and I can’t figure out from the compiler manual (which includes the linker) or the MPLAB IDE manual how to disable asking for Link-time optimization. Anyway, I think I’m past my FreeRTOS stumbling block and now dealing with MPLAB issues related to XC8 PRO. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get this resolved without buying XC8 PRO, but I do appreciate your help.