KINETIS K60N512 - IAR Doesn´t run from Flash

rzubillaga wrote on Friday, November 11, 2011:

Hi every body,

i have downloaded and compiled succesfully the project contained in “FreeRTOSv7.0.2” called “CORTEX_Kinetis_K60_Tower_IAR” -> Blinky.

In this case i´m not able to run it from flash directly, i have to be conected to IAR and Debugging.

I have downloaded, compiled and verified this with the Examples provieded in Freescale web “KINETIS512_SC”. The configuration provided with this examples works perfectly from Flash without been conected to IAR_IDE. As it should be.

Then, i have checked al the project option from one (freertos_uip) to the other (Blinky), and just in case i have copied the “ICF” file too, but i don´t know why, but it doesn´t work.

IAR Versión - 6.30 (i have experienced problems with 6.21 and PEmicro Flash downloader)
Debugger/programmer -> The oine integrated in K60N512 board -> PEmicro OSDebug.

Does any body know smthg around this???


rtel wrote on Monday, November 14, 2011:

Are you saying it runs from RAM, but not Flash?

If so, look at how your interrupt vectors are mapped, and how they are configured in the start up code.  Also read back the flash image to ensure it is correct, and programmed into the correct locations.  Look at the asm code generated and ensure it is calling functions in flash, and not RAM, in case your linker script is wrong.


rzubillaga wrote on Wednesday, November 16, 2011:

Hi richard,

as i posted above, the project used is the original one. It runs from RAM and from FLASH, but from Flash only while IDE is connected ….

At the momement i cant not check all this things that you suggest. I will try to do it ASAP.

Any way, as the PRJ is the original one, i think that it shouldn´t be only a problem for me, but for the rest of the users too…


under003 wrote on Friday, December 02, 2011:

Hello everybody:

I have the same problem that rzubillaga has.
I download both demos, blinky and full without any changes and I if the debugger is conected they work fine, but if I disconect the debugger, the demo doesn´t start.

I have tried using the icf of the freertos demo in another example and that example starts from flash correctly without the debugger. so what could I do?

When downloading the full demo I read the following message that is suspicious:

"Skipping flash loading pass because there is no data in the designated range: 0x10000000-0x13FFFFFF. "


rtel wrote on Thursday, December 08, 2011:

Search the source files for every instance of printf(), remove them all (and there are a lot in the Freescale provided start up files - which is a really weird thing to do), and it will work.

Alternatively, redirect printf() somewhere else, like a UART.