Keil port for STM32

rtel wrote on Friday, May 09, 2008:

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            My name is [deleted] and I am working on an internal project for which we are using Keil MCBSTM32 eval board for the STM32 MCU.

I have been asked to find a suitable RTOS and of course I’ d love to try FreeRTOS.

I’ve downloaded the code and I’ve seen that it does support the STM32 MCU but not the Eval Board I am using.

I was wondering if you have any “alfa/beta” version of FreeRTOS (source+demo app) for this board or, if not available,

what do you suggest is the best way to port FreeRTOS code to this board.

In particular, which is the “right” code base already present in the FreeRTOS distribution, to start with for the porting?

rtel wrote on Friday, May 09, 2008:

Did you see the following page?:

The Cortex M3 ports are very similar to each other, if not identical.  The only difference is the compiler syntax required in order to perform the interfacing between the asm code and the C code, and to setup the vector table.  This is because the timer used to generate the tick is the SysTick timer (on the core itself) and the interrupt controller is also integrated into the core.  I have tried not to use any device specific libraries in the port layer for M3 ports so they should be pretty interchangeable.

I should open up an existing Keil CortexM3 port, note which files are included, note which #define is used in the project options (RVDS_ARMCM3_LM3S102 I think for all CM3 ports, not just the LM3S102, bad naming on my part), note the include paths, then create a project specific for your hardware following the instructions above.

If you can supply me the hardware I could do this for you for a low cost fixed price.


phelipes wrote on Thursday, May 22, 2008:


I have developped the porting for keil board, but using IAR env.
Let me know if need it.