Is there any checkpatch kind of utility for FreeRTOS?

jvgediya wrote on Wednesday, May 10, 2017:

Linux kernel have a which can used to catch the coding standard violations in a patch. I am looking for something similar for FreeRTOS because i want to enforce the strict FreeRTOS coding guidelines while development.

Is there anything available which can be useful in this case?


rtel wrote on Wednesday, May 10, 2017:

There are two related but different topics: the coding style, and the
coding standard.

Style: You can use source code formatting tools such as GreatCode,
uncrustify, etc. to do some of the style stuff - but auto formatting
comments is a pain and it won’t check things like the naming convention.

Coding standard: We use the MISRA standard, which can be checked by a
lot of tools. Our preference is to use lint as that allows rules to be
turned on and off in the source code comments (where turning a rule off
on a line has the additional requirement of entering a credible
justification for doing so in the same comment).