Check respect of FreeRTOS naming convention in my app

Hello there!

My first message here, I’m used to use FreeRTOS in projects since years now but never login previously.

In my projects using FreeRTOS I’m used to try following the FreeRTOS Kernel Naming Convention, this make a result easy to read and maintain in my opinion instead of making something with different naming conventions and finally : no convention at all.

Today I’m looking for a tool to check my application is properly following the FreeRTOS naming convention, so for example “prv” at the beginning of static functions, prefix at the beginning of the variables or functions, etc. I don’t find an easy way to do it.

=> Do you know any tool or maybe a combinaison of several tools such as clang-format, clang-tidy, clang-somethingelse, regex, bash, etc or even SonarQube that is able to check and indicate naming convention errors ?

=> For Style guide basically I know I can define my own clang-format configuration and this will do the job, there is not a lot of rules (but if you have something else to propose on this part let’s do it!)

Thanks, and hoping this can also help other people on this topic,


I do not know a tool for that. Years before, one of my teammate wrote some scripts to verify the Hungarian notation - We are not using them but you can use them if you like and can even update them.

We use uncrustify for formatting with this config file -