Intended purpose of, and abuse of, this forum

rtel wrote on Tuesday, May 03, 2011:

Dear everybody reading this forum.

The FreeRTOS forum exists solely to provide a place for FreeRTOS users or potential users to ask questions that are directly related to the use of FreeRTOS.  The FreeRTOS product, and this forum, provide an excellent resource for legitimate users, and both have been very successful.  I would like to thank all FreeRTOS users and all contributors to the forum (be they asking or answering FreeRTOS questions) for providing such a great resource.

I would like to remind the minority of abusers that the FreeRTOS forum will not be used as a place for spam postings, or as an outlet for free advertising.  It is a free an open place that on the whole is (largely) unmoderated.  However the following type of posts are and will continue to be removed:

+ Posts by are irrelevant to FreeRTOS and are just using this very popular forum for their own purposes (in effect spamming).
+ Posts that publish source code in breach of the license terms for the posted source code.

also, but of less importance:

+ Posts that contain my email address in plain text.

This wastes my time, and it wastes the time of the spammers as the posts just get removed anyway.  Spamming is not, and never will be, in my personal opinion, a correct, acceptable or decent way of conducting international business, be it open source or not.

Thanks you for reading, and I hope we can continue this excellent project and support effort together.


rtel wrote on Thursday, May 05, 2011:

Unfortunately I have the need to bring this post to the top again, hence my reply to my own post.