Welcome to the new FreeRTOS community forums!

We are excited to offer the FreeRTOS community a new place to call home! For more than 15 years, the FreeRTOS community discussions were held in SourceForge. With the growth of the community and the evolution in the embedded landscape, we needed a place to facilitate conversations on the next generation of FreeRTOS applications. With these new community forums, we hope we can enable the community to solve more complex and connected use cases at an accelerated pace.

The new community forums offer categories to cover end-to-end questions about the FreeRTOS kernel, libraries, and the ecosystem of silicon and tool partners. The new community forums were redesigned to help you quickly and accurately find help including syntax highlighting, file attachments, and notifications. Community-driven moderation now provide flags, marking questions solved, and bookmarking influence search results to show the most relevant content. Additionally, built-in features allow you to track your achievements and contributions to the community.

We hope the new community forums are a welcomed change that helps the FreeRTOS community push the bounds of embedded development for many years to come. Please feel free to post your feedback as reply.

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