IAR Board

nobody wrote on Friday, January 21, 2005:

hi everibody,

I’m using the IAR KickStart Card for Philips
LPC2106, can i use the  Freertos?



rtel wrote on Friday, January 21, 2005:


Did you recently send me an email regarding the KickStart board?  If so can you send it again (address from WEB site) as I some how managed to miss place it - thanks.

The FreeRTOS download currently has ports for the LPC2000 series using CrossWords, plain GCC and Keil - but not IAR.   However, there is an IAR port for the Atmel SAM7S - which is also has an ARM7 core so is very similar.

Using IAR with the LPC2000 would require setting up a project.  This would be a combination:  The setup and syntax as per the SAM7 port, with the peripheral configuration as per the LPC2000 ports.

So, having rambled for a while, the quick answer is Yes, but not "straight out of the box".