LPC21xx on IAR compiler port

nobody wrote on Sunday, March 20, 2005:

Hi Everybody,
I’m trying to use IAR Systems compiler to build FreeRTOS on LPC2138 ARM processor. Before wasting time, I’d like to hear from experienced developers the best way to perform the task. I found the 21xx Keil port and the IAR port for AtmelSAM7S64 in the source tree and my actual idea is to do some ‘merging’.

Any tips will be appreciated, I have some years of embedded development experience, but I’m completely new to IAR, LPC and FreeRTOS …(just moved to another company :slight_smile:

My Best Regards, thanks for any help

rtel wrote on Monday, March 21, 2005:


I think as you say you can merge the two ports as:

1)Take the IAR project for the SAM 7.  This will give you all the correct compiler settings etc. and the correct files.

2)Change the peripheral setup in the included project files (timer, etc) to that found in the LPC port (port.c and portISR.c).  This should hopefully be just a cut and past job.

3)Check the startup code.  You might be able to take the boot.s from the GCC LPC port.

The two cores are the same, only the peripherals are different so hopefully the main change will be in the startup code (setting the PLL, etc), setup of the interrupts (using the LPC VIC) and the timer setup (port.c).

Again sorry for belated and rushed response, but out of the office at the moment!