I am planning to start a training on FreeRTOS

aeyes wrote on Monday, December 17, 2012:

Hi Richard, I am planning to start an embedded systems training center mainly teaching on ARM Cortex M based hardware. Can I use FreeRTOS as a part of the course ware? I will not do any copyright infringement and just teach RTOS concepts, internals and porting concepts. I will use the RTOS for application development. I see a great prospect here to teach students FreeRTOS as it is easy to learn and use. Do I need to be aware of anything specific regarding copyright while using the RTOS ?

rtel wrote on Monday, December 17, 2012:

Glad to here it.  Which country are you in?

There are no copyright issues with regard to the source code (other than the fact that the copyright notice has to remain in the code).  Please don’t use exact extracts or images from the book or website without contacting me first (you can use the “contact” page on the FreeRTOS.org website).


aeyes wrote on Monday, December 17, 2012:

I am in Bangalore, India. Though I am into embedded Linux testing myself and I have been a QA engineer for 11 years now, I am looking at starting a training school on core embedded systems and also embedded test automation frameworks. No I will not use any illustrations, I will make my own when I teach or I will inform you if I feel the need to use any. I am planning to start teaching on LPC1768 boards. The RTOSes that I will be teaching are FreeRTOS first and then eCOS. I will need to buy your eCOS book on Cortex M3 systems also I think.

aeyes wrote on Monday, December 17, 2012:

Sorry Richard, I meant your FreeRTOS book and NOT eCOS book.