Designing Applications

nobody wrote on Thursday, May 17, 2007:

I have plenty of experience developing non-RTOS based embedded software in C and assembler. However I’ve never developed any software that runs on an embedded RTOS.

Does anyone know of any good books or website that cover the general topic of developing embedded software to run on an RTOS?


nobody wrote on Thursday, May 17, 2007:

I had read the information about Salvo RTOS, the manual - Its good. However I am using FreeRTOS because of a few things, one of them is because I can use It with all FreeSoftware(Linux, GCC-AVR, LibC-AVR and FreeRTOS) and I don’t need to pirate C compilers software as I was told and done in university :frowning:


nobody wrote on Friday, May 18, 2007:

Thanks, I’ll check that out. After doing a quick search of Amazon the following book seems to fit the bill:

Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems - by Qing Li and Caroline Yao