Help! Atollic + FreeRTOS questions

antonio-milano wrote on Wednesday, April 20, 2011:

I’m a newbie and I have a couple of (stupid?) questions.
I’m making some experiments on two Stellaris evaluation kits, the LM3S811 and the LM3S6965, using the IAR based FreeRTOS projects with my familiar IAR compiler, with very good results.
Now I would like to do the same trying a GCC based compiler with a Eclipse IDE.
I downloaded and installed the Atollic TrueStudio Lite, it seems ok, but I have a lot of difficults to build a working code.
I would like to use the FreeRTOS distribution file structure, without modifications to the tree.
Is there anybody willing to give me some advice in using FreeRTOS under Atollic?
Thank You Very Much

rtel wrote on Wednesday, April 20, 2011:

Have a look at the “Preparing the TrueStudio (Eclipse) project directory” section on the following page:

This is not a Stellaris project, but uses Eclipse.  In fact, there are lots of projects using various different Eclipse versions.  Some set up variables to reference files outside of the directory structure (which has two issues, one it is hard to do, two the variables are stored in the workspace and not the project, and three only absolute paths can be used - ok, that was three not two).  Other projects, as per the one I just linked to, set up a batch file to copy the files you want - but that to has obvious drawbacks.

The other way of doing it is to set up eclipse to use a standard makefile project, rather than a managed make project.  Then you can use an old fashioned makefile to reference files from anywhere you like.