Need help to start with FreeRTOS using LPC2138/lpc2148

ephobb wrote on Sunday, May 31, 2015:

I am very new to FreeRTOS and i wanna make one project using FreeRTOS. I wanna use GCC complier and eclipse.
So is it better to us Eclipse?
Please link me if such kinda thread already available to this forum.

If There is any tutorial is available then it would be very helpful.

Thanks and Regards,
Epy Hobb.

rtel wrote on Monday, June 01, 2015:

You could probably start with the \FreeRTOS\Demo\ARM7_LPC2106_GCC demo (there is a web page describing it somewhere on the site) to get something building using a makefile, or FreeRTOS\Demo\ARM7_LPC2368_Eclipse to get something building using Eclipse (again there is a web page for this somewhere) although both of those demos are very old, and most of the instructions on building under Eclipse will be obsolete as Eclipse has moved on a long way since then.

The FreeRTOS website is specific to FreeRTOS, so you won’t find general programming tutorials, like how to set up a tools chain to use GCC with Eclipse. I’m sure Google will find you lots of links, and NXP themselves have an Eclipse IDE called LPCXpresso - although you may find it only has projects and Wizards for their more recent microcontrollers.