Getting Started with the Microchip Curiosity PIC32MZEF

PPeixoto wrote on March 19, 2019:


I’m new to amazon AWS and cloud in general. I run into a problem when folowing the guide to configure Microchip Curiosity PIC32MZEF. In the compilation of the code, that i got from the AWS IoT console, the build failed.
Error file:
I’m using Mplabx 5.15 and xc32 2.15, i think that didn’t miss any step for the configuration, i don’t understand how can the code present erros of multiple defenitions and missing defenitions.
Thanks for your help
Pedro Peixoto

qiutongs wrote on March 19, 2019:

Hi Pedro,

This is a known issue when using the latest XC32 comipler 2.15. We are working on fixing it. As a work around, you can downgrade the XC32 comipler to 2.10.

Please let us know if that doesn’t work.

By the way, the error file you gave cannot be opened.


Gaurav-Aggarwal-AWS wrote on March 22, 2019:

This PR has fixed this in master branch:


PPeixoto wrote on March 22, 2019:


With this version works;