No luck compiling PIC32MZEF demo in MPLAB X v5.10 with XC32 v2.15

2kk9 wrote on December 29, 2018:

I’ve been trying to build this for quite a while, on two different versions of XC32 and on two different versions of MPLAB X, but no dice. The code is unmodified, aside from the project being automatically updated to run in MPLAB v5.10. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

MPLAB X: v5.10
XC32: v2.15
Python: v3.6
Amazon FreeRTOS: V1.4.3
Relevant docs: []

Build log starting from first fatal error: []

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2kk9 wrote on December 30, 2018:

Update: It fails similarly in MPLAB X v4.20. I had thought that it might perform better there, since the project didn’t need to be automatically updated for that version of MPLAB X.

Additional information: I am opening \amazon-freertos-master\demos\microchip\curiosity_pic32mzef\mplab as an MPLAB X project. I renamed the folder to mplab.X to accomplish this.

DanG-AWS wrote on December 31, 2018:

Hello, I’m using MPLAB X 4.x. In the MPLAB X Open Project dialog box, I select the directory \amazon-freertos\demos\microchip\curiosity_pic32mzef\mplab that I’ve cloned from github. In that dialog box, the Project Name text box displays “aws_demos”. It also displays the second required project, “aws_bootloader”. I then click the Open Project button in that dialog.

Once the projects are open, I right-click on “aws_demos” in the Projects pane and select Clean and Build.

I don’t have to rename the project folder in order to open it, or do a migration as you mentioned. Is that the same as what you’re seeing?

2kk9 wrote on December 31, 2018:

Thank you for your response, Dan.

It turns out I actually didn’t have to rename the folder - I just did that when I didn’t see it immediately show up as an MPLAB X project in the project browser.

I just deleted everything and redownloaded from Git today to get the latest files and match your setup. So now, we have the same files. But, compilation still fails for me, with the same errors as before.

Migration is only necessary in MPLAB X v5.x, but now I am using v4.20 and migration can be ruled out as a problem. I am now using XC32 v2.10 instead of v2.15.

Edit: I’m attaching a window snip in case you can spot any smoking guns here. []

Edit 2: “Attach Files” doesn’t seem to work for my post. Edited a link in.

DanG-AWS wrote on January 08, 2019:

I have successfully reproduced the problem. Two considerations:

First, there is a path length limit in XC32 on Windows. For this project, the various nested driver and BSP subdirectories can cause you to come close to, if not over, that limit. Therefore, try making the base path of your repo clone as short as possible.

(The most extreme example, I suppose, being something like:)
git clone c:\M

Second, as you already know, aside from the above, v2.10 appears to work. A cursory analysis of the errors reported by v2.15 suggests that it may have become more sensitive to certain violations of the C standard. We’re working on confirming.