functions for seperating fraction & integer .

sachindbhujbal wrote on Tuesday, September 02, 2008:

Dear All,
    I am using STR9 with Anglia IDE & gcc compiler & free RTOS. For me it is necessary
to use "double" or "long long"  or "long double" for my application.
    My doubts & questions are as follows.
    a) I want functions which will return Integer & Fration part of a 
       "float", "double", "long double". It is also better if You have
       any other idea or logic for it.
    b) I want to know the format specifiers of "long long" , "long double"
       so that I can check values for it.

    ( Note that I am using GCC compiler & FreeRTOs )
    Please Help 

Sachin Bhujbal

rtel wrote on Tuesday, September 02, 2008:

With respect - these are C questions not questions.  Try one of the C language news groups.