FreeRTOS+TCP_Multi Bug: DNS missing EndPoint in prvGetHostByName

miclam wrote on Friday, August 11, 2017:

I’m finally trying out the DNS client of +TCP_multi. I noted that in prvGetHostByName() the method FreeRTOS_GetAddressConfiguration gets called with a NULL EndPoint (Line 570 in FreeRTOS_DNS.c):
FreeRTOS_GetAddressConfiguration( NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, &ulIPAddress );

Richard stated out it should not be NULL: /*RB First parameter to FreeRTOS_GetAddressConfiguration() should not be NULL! */

As I only have one EndPoint I changed it to:
FreeRTOS_GetAddressConfiguration( FreeRTOS_FirstEndPoint( NULL ), NULL, NULL, NULL, &ulIPAddress );

But I’m not sure that this is an appropriate solution for multiple endpoints. Probably FreeRTOS_FindDefaultEndPoint() is a better choice.

Regards, Michael

heinbali01 wrote on Friday, August 11, 2017:

As FreeRTOS+TCP/multi has not yet been released publicly, most readers of this forum won’t bother what you are writing about.

FreeRTOS+TCP/multi is a new version of +TCP which allows for multiple interfaces (NIC’s). At the same time, the IPv6 protocol is being introduced.
Anyone who is interested in using and testing it, can write me at h [ point] tibosch [at] freertos [point] org.

Tomorrow I will respond to you (Michael) by email. Regards.