FreeRTOS+TCP restart with new static ip ...

debugasm wrote on Friday, July 28, 2017:


Today I finally got to try FreeRTOS+TCP using MicroBlaze and EthernetLite on
Spartan6 FPGA.

I am very happy because in my next project I want to use FreeRTOS+TCP instead
of lwip.

I still have to do many tests and write a lot of code but I think that
FreeRTOS+TCP will give me a lot of satisfaction, thanks to the excellent work
that has been done up to here from the “Real Time Engineers ltd”.

In my appliances I always use a static IP address, I do not use DHCP (which I
have disabled) and for now I set the IP address hardcoded.

I have a problem though: How to change IP address when started FreeRTOS+TCP ?

I did not find any APIs for that, was not considered ?

I have found this :


But missing :


But these routines do not seem appropriate to what I see in the code.

How do I change my network configuration after I have started FreeRTOS+TCP with
another manually assigned IP address ?


While porting the EthernetLite driver I noticed that the call to:

BaseType_t xNetworkInterfaceInitialise( void )

does not pass the MAC address to be set to the EMAC interface, but it is
necessary to refer to an external variable:

/* ucMACAddress as it appears in main.c */
extern const uint8_t ucMACAddress[ 6 ];

Would not it be better to pass the MAC value as a parameter ?

There is an upgrade after “” ?

Thanks so much.


andrewfrazer wrote on Saturday, November 10, 2018:

Hi debugasm, did you get FreeRTOS Plus TCP working on microblaze?