FreeRTOS TCP+ Second IP Address on Interface

sebde wrote on Friday, June 07, 2019:


is there any way to configure the TCP+ Stack to have a second IP Address on the same interface. The search told me about the TCP+/multi implementation but I didn’t find any additional informations about the progress and if it is possible to have a second IP Address on the same interface (not to have multiple interfaces). In general I search a solution for the following problem: per default my configuration will use DHCP to obtain a IP Address. I have a large timeout to get an IP via DHCP (5 minutes). After the timeout the IP Task will start with a configured default address (in my case calculated from the MAC-Address) to have a way to talk to the OS. Now I search for a solution to query infinitely for a DHCP Address, but also to reach to OS via its “Fallback IP” for the rare cases that there is no DHCP Server available. At the moment I need to wait the timeout period (5 Minutes) before the stack starts with the default address. Any ideas or informations are welcome, many thanks for your help.

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heinbali01 wrote on Sunday, June 09, 2019:

The reason that you find little information about +TCP /multi /IPv6, is that it is still under development. I did write some minimal documentation, which I will attach to this post.
When using /multi, you can have multiple end-points on a single NIC.
Make sure that the NIC will allow two or more MAC-addresses, that will be bound to IP-addresses. Each end-point has it’s own cycle, for instance: end-point-1 has a static address and will be up within a split-second. end-point-2 may be configured to use DHCP, and that may take more time.

In a meanwhile, +TCP /multi has been used/applied by several developers and it is stable. It still needs some adaptations to avoid security holes (as was previously done with the IPv4 branch.
The /IPv6 option (which you can disable) will be further developed soon.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate…

sebde wrote on Sunday, June 09, 2019:

Hello Hein,

many thanks for this informations - it make the procedure much clearer. If I understand it right, for my use-case, I only need a second endpoint for my Interface (cause I only have one interface). One endpoint will have the static configured IP-Address (Fallback) and the other endpoint will be the default Endpoint with DHCP enabled. If I understand the function FreeRTOS_FillEndPointright all my endpoints need also a dedicated MAC-Address?

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heinbali01 wrote on Monday, June 10, 2019:

If I understand the function FreeRTOS_FillEndPoint() right,
all my endpoints need also a dedicated MAC-Address?

Hm, good question. I’m afraid that at this moment each end-point must have a unique MAC-address. It would be more correct though, to allow multiple IP-addresses share the same MAC-address. I will test that.

sebde wrote on Tuesday, June 11, 2019:

Thanks for your help and the further investigation. I just thought about another “workaround” for my problem. Is it possible to restart the DHCP Discovery Process even after the default IP Settings in FreeRTOS_IPInit are active? If there is a possibility I could aim a timer that will try e.g. every 5 Minutes to get dynamic address via DHCP.

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