Freertos port for GR5515 MCU & ARM compiler

Hi All,
I am new to Freertos. I need some quick help here.
We are working on a starter kit(GR5515) provided by GOODIX. This kit has GR5515 MCU in it. We want to develop an application on top of Freertos.
For this I need a freertos port which can run on GR5515 MCU (Cortex M4F core) & arm provided compiler version 5.06.
I searched the supported devices section of Freertos page and understood that there is no supported freertos port for GR5515 MCU & arm compiler.
Can someone help me on how to get the required port for above need.

If this is a Cortex-M4 core, you should able be to use Cortex-M4 port - FreeRTOS-Kernel/portable/GCC/ARM_CM4F at main · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Kernel · GitHub

You mean the same port ca be used for any MCU which has cortex M4 core & irrespective of compiler we use?
By the way core is cortex M4F.

Yes, but NOT irrespective of the compiler. Since you mentioned that you want to use ARM GCC, I suggested to use GCC port. The specific port you use is a combination of compiler (GCC in your case) and architecture (Cortex-M4 in your case).

That is fine.

Thank you for your quick responses.
Compiler in use is “ARM Compiler V5.06” and not ARM GCC. Can you send me the link to port for above combination (Cortex M4F + ARM compiler V5.06).

This one - FreeRTOS-Kernel/portable/RVDS/ARM_CM4F at main · FreeRTOS/FreeRTOS-Kernel · GitHub