Freertos port for GR5515RGBD MCU

Hi All,
I am new to Freertos. I need some quick help here.
We are working on a starter kit(GR5515) provided by GOODIX. This kit has GR5515 MCU in it. We want to develop an application on top of Freertos.
For this I need a freertos port which can run on GR5515 MCU (Cortex M4F core) & arm provided compiler version 5.06.
I searched the supported devices section of Freertos page and understood that there is no supported freertos port for GR5515 MCU & arm compiler.
Can someone help me on how to get the required port for above need.

Because GR5515MCU has a Cortex M4F, you can start by using the Cortex M4F portable code that is available in FreeRTOS/Source/portable directory of the main FreeRTOS distribution you downloaded. I have no personal experience of the ARM compiler (so this is something that others here will need to help you with) - but I do suspect that you are using GCC to compile your code for your target, something that you will need to acknowledge or correct me on.


Thank you.
I am using ARM compiler version 5.06 for compiling my code and its not GCC.

Still you should find the portable code in the source/portable directory valuable. As I have said, I have no experience with the arm compiler so I leave it to others to help you with the modifications you need to make to that code to make it work for your compiler - or perhaps you will be able to solve it by using documentation

Thank you for your support