FreeRTOS on the EasyWeb2 - anyone interested?

alunz wrote on Friday, February 11, 2005:


Just a quick note to announce that the port to the EasyWeb2 board (available from Olimex) has finally been kicked into submission.  This is a MSP430F149 based board which has a 16x2 LCD display rather than LEDs.

Cannot claim too much kudos for this achievement though.  The port has changed very little from the MSP430F449, any difficulties encountered were very much of a PEBKAC nature.

The port is simply of the existing demo routines - no attempt is made to use the ethernet driver on the board - that is for a future project (scheduled to be completed sometime before the heat death of the universe - maybe).

If anyone is interested, will provide the port via email - just send an email request via sourceforge.  If enough people ask for it may have to post it on a web site somewhere.

rtel wrote on Friday, February 11, 2005:


If you could send it to me (email from Contacts page on the FreeRTOS WEB site) I would be pleased to include a link to it from the MS430 documentation page.  I will of coarse credit you with the work!