FreeRTOS on ARM11?

trilogik wrote on Friday, April 27, 2012:


Is there a port available for ARM1176JZFS? I am asking because of a possible diploma thesis where a FreeRTOS should run on a Raspberry Pi ( I did not yet find any valuable information on such a possible project.

So, is it possible to run FreeRTOS on this hardware?

Thanks for any single hint.

Best regards,

rtel wrote on Friday, April 27, 2012:

I’m sure you will find some ARM11 ports around the web, it is a topic that comes up occasionally, but I consider this to be slightly out of the FreeRTOS target market so there are no official demos.

That said, I would be very interested if you were to create a port to the RaspberryPI, and can create a forum in the FreeRTOS Interactive site for you if you do.


anonymous wrote on Saturday, January 05, 2013:

James Walmsley put together a port here:


I’m working on building a BSP for FreeRTOS’ IO library so we can have full use of all the hardware.  I haven’t seen this done yet for the Pi.