Can I boot FreeRTOS on Raspberry PI 4

Is there a way I can Boot FreeRTOS on Raspberry PI 4 board,

If not possible, please suggest a board which I can use to boot FreeRTOS. (With GUI).

There are a few projects around, but I’m not sure how well supported they are. For example: Regarding FreeRTOS with a GUI - you could look at boards from Renesas, or ST (who have TouchGFX), or I think also NXP with emWin.

To get started take help from existing operating system recommended for raspberry pi like: raspbian. Where all the necessary things (bootloader) for booting a kernel is there. So install raspbian first, then from SD card you’ll find raspbian’s own kernel.img, rename it take backup and then copy the freertos’s kernel.img into SD card, then try booting. Hopefully this will work. Make sure the RaspberryPi version and freertos versions are okay.

Things are developing…
There is a FreeRTOS-Port for Raspberry Pi 4 from Tlmada:
I also used it. It uses the UART-Interface, but it has no GUI.

Nice - thanks for sharing.