FreeRTOS + IO BSP: How to create new BSP, or find one for ARM Cortex R5


I would love to use FreeRTOS+IO for my system but there is no BSP for my processor that I can find. I’m using the Texas Instruments Tms570lc43 with an ARM Cortex-R5f chip, which comes with FreeRTOS ports, but no package for IO control.

My question is this: is there any documentation for how to develop my own BSP for my microcontroller, or where might I look for an implementation (I haven’t had any luck on this site, but maybe I’m blind).

Do TI still provide HalCoGen for those parts? That would generate the drivers for you.

Thanks for the reply,

Yes, HalCoGen creates the peripheral drivers, but nothing to implement the actual FreeRTOS+IO API. For instance, I’m not fully clear on what I might need to add for the transfer control structures, what needs to happen in the “open” function, and overall what exactly I need to implement in a BSP wrapper to those generated drivers.

Maybe it’s simple, but I’m still wondering if there’s documentation on what exactly an implementation of FreeRTOS_XXX_open/read/write needs to do to maintain the design contract with the rest of the IO library.

The +IO product is being deprecated as it is too tricky to port – mainly because of the different transfer modes. There is a new “Common IO” interface to replace it but so far this is not ported to many interfaces. You can find a little info here:

Too bad – I’ll keep an eye on that library for the future. Thanks for the info :slight_smile: