I recently acquired a LAUNCHXL2-570LC43 development board. I’d like to use FreeRTOS on it. I’ve looked at an application note from TI on using HALCoGen to develop FreeRTOS applications (or rather, the tool is FreeRTOS aware); I’ve come across on FreeRTOS Interactive a FreeRTOS+TCP from a few years ago that targets the LAUNCHXL2-570LC43.

So as an absolute beginner, is the package on the interactive site usable? (That package uses CCS 6, we’re up to 10 now but I don’t think that should matter.) Is getting HALCoGen involved necessary?

A step by step would be great, but I am trying to understand the FreeRTOS workflow. I’ve looked through the adapting demos to a board not listed in the kernel list, which lists the files that require some adaptation; I just wanted to make sure I’m on the right path and of any potential caveats I may be missing.

The code on the interactive site provided by third parties so I’m afraid I can’t really answer to its suitability or not. I would think that you would be better off having HalCoGen create the project for you though, then you would know you were using the latest code from TI. You could then use the code on the Interactive site as a reference for adding in the TCP stack. I would also recommend using the latest TCP stack, which you will find here