FreeRTOS+IO, i2c driver, bsp for Kinetis k20/40/60/70

blewis9993 wrote on Thursday, September 28, 2017:

We are trying to use the FreeRTOS+IO with i2c in a FreeRTOS project. We have the file system, usb stack and so forth working without problem with FreeRTOS. According to the product description, the FreeRTOS+IO i2c driver is easy to use so we went down that path but have hit a wall.

The FreeRTOS+IO example code base is built against a board product from NXP which is the LPC17xxx. However we have a custom board that uses the MK20dx256VLL10 processor. The problem is the bsp file set that is needed to use FreeRTOS+IO with our processor. We cannot find any documentation on how to set up the bsp files. We are using the pin_mux.c,h files generated by MCUExpresso and the SDK v3.2. These are already setting up the configuration of the processor. FreeRTOS+IO appears to want to set structures in the bsp as well. This would be a conflict.

Can anyone share a bsp file for kinetis that works, or direct me on how to integrate the i2c driver correctly please? We invested a lot of time and money to move away from MQX to FreeRTOS because of the bsp and other dependencies. This has always proven to be a very weak link in their code base. We are hoping this is not true for FreeRTOS+IO, but need help around this area.

Thanks for any advice and help.

Robert Lewis

rtel wrote on Thursday, September 28, 2017:

The IO code is provided with a port to an NXP LPC chip, using NXP
drivers. I believe the Kinetis drivers are quite different. The code
dates from a time when the two product lines came from different
companies. There would be some porting effort, and to be honest, it
might be better to use the drivers as they are provided by NXP in their