FreeRTOS for LPC84x

I’m looking for a port of FreeRTOS for the NXP LPC84x processors, but haven’t had any luck.
These are Cortex M0+ processors with relatively low resources - 64K flash, 16K/8K RAM.

Please point me to a port, or offer suggestions.

Our newest NXP M0 demo, although not an LPC84x, would be this one: . I think NXP’s MCUXpresso tool will generate FreeRTOS projects for a wide range of NXP MCU, down to a certain RAM size, so maybe not as low as you want to go.

a VERY long time ago we created demos for Cortex-M3 parts that had 2K of RAM, but that was primarily using coroutines rather than tasks, and coroutines are deprecated now:

I’m using a Cortex-M3 with 64k flash / 16k RAM for a project with 4 application tasks running from flash and it easily fits.
Ok - when built with optimization for size :wink:
Full debug info might be an issue, so I use ‘-O0’ selectively.

Thanks. I’ll take a look at that.