FreeRTOS esp32 authentication with Active Directory

Is it possible for RTOS esp32 micro controller to authenticate against an on-premise Active Directory server? I would assume this is not a problem, though I haven’t been able to find any information about this online. I’am not very experienced. Thanks for any advice!

Of course, but you will need to write all the authentication code yourself. FreeRTOS can provide the IP interface, but nothing more.

So it is possible with the hardware. Is there no library that implements these features?

Perhaps you misunderstand what FreeRTOS is. FreeRTOS is not hardware, its a bare-bones operating system.
FreeRTOS is intended for use in embedded systems, so it does not provide libraries for high-level things like a GUI, or in your case AD. FreeRTOS does have a TCP/IP library, and you could write or port AD code to FreeRTOS. But keep in mind that FreeRTOS does not have the same APIs as, say, Linux or Windows, so it could be a lot of work to port existing code to FreeRTOS depending on how much the existing code uses things like files and mutexes.