freertos and 8051

sachinkik wrote on Wednesday, April 22, 2009:

Dear all,
i am new for rtos. I want to use freertos for 8051. after reading 8051 port page on freertos website, i decided to use following tools…

1. freertos
2. eclipse
3. sdcc compiler

Please suggest if eclipse support kernel debugging?
if not then which ide or debugger support the same.
kernel debugging means by me is to see list of rtos objects like semaphore, task, message etc.

edwards3 wrote on Wednesday, April 22, 2009:

There is an eclipse kernel debugger for FreeRTOS but I doubt it would work on an 8051. I don’t think there are many 8051 chips that would have enough memory or power for an RTOS.

alainm3 wrote on Thursday, April 23, 2009:

Can you send (or point me to) more information on this Eclipse kernel debugger?

Is it for debugging threads that run on FreeRTOS or for debugging the kernel? My dream is to debug threads like I do in normal Linux :wink:

(I use CortexM3/Jtag/OpenOCD/Eclipse/Gcc)

sachinkik wrote on Thursday, April 23, 2009:

Dear Edwards,
you are right. but there are 8051 processor which are coming with internal flash of around 128 Kb.

will Kernel debugger goes with kernel ? i mean if it works like gdbserver in case of linux.

and please tell how it will send information to host via serial port or by some  other mean /

Please clarify how it works .

davedoors wrote on Thursday, April 23, 2009:

Its not that sophisticated but will show you the status of each task and stack usage etc. Free download