How to trace and debug freeRTOS?

nobody wrote on Friday, January 21, 2005:

I am new to RTOS.  I have no any development boards, so I just want to port it to linux first.   Also I want to know how to trace and debug the source under windows.   Is it possible using Visual C++?  Is there any compilable port under it?  Is it able to trace?  In other words, I want to learn RTOS in very short time. 

rtel wrote on Friday, January 21, 2005:

See the following FAQ item.

There is a port that will run under windows using the (free) Open Watcom compiler.  You need to use the cooperative scheduler if you want to step through the context switch as OW allows interrupts to be processed between debugger steps.

The best way to step through the code is to use the Keil simulator and the ARM7 port.