Free RTOS for Renesas RX63N on RX63N-256KB

hansreich wrote on Wednesday, March 11, 2015:

I am evaluating the Renesas RX range processors for a new project.
For that I am using the RX632N on the RX63N-256KB Starter Kit.
I am trying to find a simple demo program to get Free RTOS running on the board.
There are many references to that board on your website but I cannot find an link to a demo project.
Does such a demo exist?
I am using Renesas e2 studio
Your help would be appreciated.

rtel wrote on Wednesday, March 11, 2015:

There are RX62N and RX63N projects - but they pre-date e2studio. There is however an RX64M project that uses e2studio.

You could either convert a HEW RX62N project to e2studio, create an e2studio project from scratch for it, or re-target the RX64M e2studio project to your hardware. Note the 64M demo uses a different port layer to the 62 and 63N demos.

Each demo has a documentation page that contains a “source code organisation” section that tells you where to find the project in the main FreeRTOS .zip file download.

The list of documentation pages for the RX is here:

The link to the main FreeRTOS .zip file download is here: